How Long Does Rattan Garden Furniture Last?

Rattan furniture has become one of the most popular choices for garden and conservatory furniture. It’s perfect in both modern and traditional settings, super sturdy and more importantly, lasts what feels like a lifetime. The question is however, just how long does rattan garden furniture actually last? Natural rattan is incredibly strong, durable and virtually indestructible (if maintained well enough of course). With a little care and attention, your rattan furniture could be going strong for a number of years.

Maintaining Your Rattan Furniture

Rattan furnitcoo wrong, causing natural rattan to split. Thankfully, rattan furniture covers are the perfect solution as it keeps the frost off the material itself. With rattan furniture covers in place through winter and bad weather, you’ll help prolong th life of this durable material. Natural rattan furniture however, tends to be better suited as conservatory rattan furniture.

Synthetic Vs Natural Rattan Furniture

There’s not a great deal of difference visually, when it comes to synthetic rattan furniture and natural rattan furniture. In terms of its performance however, synthetic tends to be a little hardier and because of this, it often makes the best choice as garden furniture. It’s extremely flexible, it’s lighter and stronger, it withstands bad weather a lot more too. Add in an ability to resist fading in the sun or rotting in the rain and it’s clear to see why so many choose to use synthetic rattan furniture in their outdoor spaces.

Overall, rattan furniture, be it natural or synthetic will last you many years to come, with minimal maintenance. A quick spray with the garden hose or wipe with a cloth, and you’ll enjoy solid, clean furniture for anywhere up to 20 years to come. Of course, rattan furniture covers are always a welcome addition for added protection. If you’d like more information on rattan furniture covers, simply contact us today on 0330 0535722.