Yakoe Garden Furniture – The Best Rattan Garden Furniture

Yakoe is a highly recognised brand of rattan garden furniture that we’re incredibly proud to stock here at Dreams Outdoors. From a Yakoe Rattan sofa set to a Yakoe rattan dining set, the quality flows through the entire Yakoe brand. This exceptional rattan furniture is unlike any other but just what makes it so great? We’ve broken it down for you, to show you just why we choose Yakoe Rattan Furniture every time.

Yakoe Rattan – The Brand Of Choice

Rattan furniture is an incredibly popular choice for gardens and outdoor restaurants all over the UK and for good reason too. Here are just some of the reasons it’s the brand of choice for gardens everywhere.

Why Buy Yakoe Garden Furniture

· It’s Comfortable – whether it’s our Yakoe Garden Sofas you’re looking at, or our dining sets, there’s one thing that’s for sure, Yakoe rattan furniture is super comfortable. Whether you plan on dining at your rattan furniture, or simply lounging around, rattan provides the most comfortable seating experience, especially when accompanied by quality cushions.

· It’s Weather Resistant – one of the best qualities about rattan furniture, especially for our climate here in the UK, is that it was made to be left outside all year round. It’s been tried and tested by many clients up and down the country, all around the world. While we don’t suggest you leave your rattan furniture to face the elements on every occasion, just a simple rattan furniture cover will ensure it looks great all year round.

· It’s UV Protected – on the odd occasion we do get some sun here in the UK, you’ll be pleased to know that our Yakoe garden furniture is UV protected. That means no unsightly discolouration throughout the summer months on the areas most exposed throughout the day.

· It’s Compact – with a great deal of rattan furniture sets, they can often be ‘closed’ or pushed together when not in place. This ensures they take up as little space as possible when they’re not in use. They’re also made in a small, compact manner which means even when they are in use, the footprint of your rattan garden dining set is still relatively small when compared with plastic or metal garden furniture.

· It’s Affordable – while there are indeed rattan furniture sets out there that cost a lot more than most, here at Dreams Outdoors, we’re proud to stock affordable rattan furniture that offers quality and comfort for amazing prices.

· It’s Easily Moved – rattan is incredibly lightweight and as a result super easy to move. Whether you want to lift it to another area of the garden, lift it away into the garage or simply slide it in and out of place, it’s done with ease thanks to the lightweight, natural material it’s made from.

Choose Dreams Outdoors For Yakoe Garden Furniture

For more incredible benefits of Yakoe rattan furniture, simply contact us today here at Dreams Outdoors via [email protected] or better still, call us on 0330 053 5722.